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Coding Bee is an organization by parents and students for parents and students. Coding Bee is a coding school for children 8-16 years of age. We teach kids game development, mobile application development and software development in a fun environment.

Tomorrow’s world will be a completely different world where robotics and artificial intelligence will be in charge. Our sessions are innovative and exciting! Children learn to write their own code to create technology products such as computer games and apps. This learning is coupled with receiving life-long skills such as creativity, problem-solving, computational thinking, and teamwork that will help your child succeed in school and beyond.

Learning to code also helps your child to strengthen academic performance and allows them to gain soft-skills like communication, management and persistence.

Founded by Ovais Mangalwala and his 10-year son, Muhammad Azmaan, Coding Bee aims to impart coding skills in all children of Pakistan, regardless of their social class and income. We believe that every kid has the right to be prepared to for the future.

If you think alike, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and be a part of this ever growing community.


Our programs cater for school children of all ages. Your child will learn to build games, animations, software, mobile apps, and many more exciting technologies.

We invest heavily in researching and building our curriculum so that your child can receive the best coding lessons.

Our lessons are loved by kids and approved by both parents and academic experts.

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Learning Beyond the classroom

Learning Beyond the Classroom:

We believe that learning is not related to classrooms. We make sure that your child understands how coding can help solving the problems our world faces today. Outreach programs, study trips and industry applications are an integral part of our courses.

Why Children should learn to code?

Technology is all around us. Learning to code helps children understand how the world operates. It also helps children succeed in school and beyond.

  • Coding is cool
  • Coding is a great career option
  • Coding helps us understand the digital world
  • The future will be full of coding
  • Coding teaches us to think logically
  • Everyone Can Code
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Our coding courses are directed towards children 8-16 years of age. Salient features of our courses are:

No experience required
Skill-based learning philosophy
Learn to build software, mobile apps, websites, robots and many more.

We use state of the art coding programs specially developed for kids by leading international technology organizations.
Our special programs extend beyond classrooms with special coding camps, competitions and industry visits.

  • Let’s make Games
  • Let’s make Mobile Applications
  • Let’s make Software
  • Let’s make Websites
  • Let’s learn Public Speaking


Our courses are directed towards students ages 6 - 16. Whether your children are new to coding or have some experience, our sessions will help your children achieve their targets.

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Coding Bee is a coding school for children 8-16 years of age. We teach kids game development, mobile application development and software development in a fun environment.

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